(photo Louise Skadhauge)

French-german painter Dorothée Louise Recker was born 1984 in Norway and grew up in the South of France. After graduating from the Beaux-Arts in Paris, she spent the past ten years based successively in Berlin, Paris and Marseille. She has been resident of ChezKit, an artist-run space offering a program fo- cused on the young Paris scene, where she took part to various exhibitions. Her work was shown in several places in France, Germany and abroad – among which Kraftwerk and Wilhelmhallen in Berlin, She BAM! at Spinnerei Leipzig, Villa Belleville in Paris, La Peau de l’Ours in Brussels and Art au Centre in Liege, gallery Tanja Grunert in New York. In 2018, she presented her first solo exhibition in a gallery with She BAM!. She went back to the Spinnerei the following year for a four-month residency, always maintaining strong ties between her two countries of origin. She now lives and works between Berlin and the South of France.

Coming from a family of horticulturists, she spent her childhood in the heart of mimosa plantations. Her Mediterranean origins deeply mark her identity and her artistic expression as well as her double culture and her imagination around her early life marked by aurora borealis and Scandinavian winters. Her pictorial language mixes these infuence with a research centered around the notions of color and gesture: materiality or evanescence of the first, erasing or highlighting the second.


MFA – French National School of Fine Arts, Paris, 2010
BFA – French National School of Fine Arts, Paris, 2010
BFA – National School of Fine Arts, Paris Rueil-Malmaison, 2007


Based in Berlin, since 2022
Four-month residency, Spinnerei Leipzig, 2019
Resident member of the artist-run space ChezKit, Pantin, 2017-2019
Based in Berlin 2011-2015, Paris 2015-2020, Marseille 2020-2021


2023 – Forbidden colours fund charity auction, Art22 Gallery / Cornette de Saint-Cyr, Brussels
2022 – Bienvenue Art Fair, Paris
Twenty Art Fair, Brussels
2021 – The Others Art Fair, Turin
2020 – Galeristes, Paris
2016 – 1st & 2nd Artslant Prize Showcase winner
2011 & 2010 – Salon de Mai, Espace Commines, Paris
2010 – Award winner «Prix Marin du Salon de Mai», prize for emerging painting


2023 – For it was summer, She BAM! Galerie Lætitia Gorsy, Leipzig
2022 – Paréo, She BAM! Galerie Lætitia Gorsy, Spinnerei Leipzig
2020 – Aoûtienne, La Peau de l’Ours, Brussels
2020 – Une place au soleil, She BAM! Galerie Lætitia Gorsy hors-les-murs, Paris
2018 – Sandvika, She BAM! Galerie, Spinnerei Leipzig
2013 – Gib mir deine Wand, Shift / Kraftwerk, Berlin


2022 – From Adlershof with love, XPinky Berlin
2021 – Strate poétique, Avenue du Roi, Brussels
2021 – Living Cube exhibition #5, c/o Elodie Bernard, Orléans
2021 – Appendix, Galerie She BAM! Lætitia Gorsy, Spinnerei Leipzig
2020 – Art au Centre #4, Liège
2020 – L’Echo du Silence, Espace 16K, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
2020 – Räume XS meets K60, Hallen#1, Berlin Art week, Wilhelmhallen, Berlin
2020 – Coup de soleil, Galerie Provost-Hacker, Lille
2019 – Tout doit disparaître, Galerie Provost-Hacker, Lille
2019 – Permanence, Galerie She BAM! Lætitia Gorsy, Spinnerei Leipzig
2019 – Déjà-vu, cur. by Thomas Havet for Double Séjour, ChezKit, Pantin
2018 – That same far place, cur. by Noelia Portela for Persona Curada, ChezKit, Pantin
2018 – Sunday Sunset, Galerie La Peau de l’Ours, Bruxelles
2018 – Action ! La Collection Melpomène, Bastille Design Center, Paris
2018 – Green is the coolest color, Le Houloc, Aubervilliers
2017 – Living Cube #1, ℅ Elodie Bernard, Place Dunois, Orléans
2017 – 52, cur. by Thomas Havet for Double Séjour, Villa Belleville, Paris
2017 – So Fresh, cur. by Elodie Bernard, ChezKit, Pantin
2017 – Super Green, cur. by Studio Marant, Le 5 Codet, Paris
2017 – The Summer of Undertone, cur. by Chloé Curci & Studio Marant, Galerie POC, Marseille
2017 – Pièce à vivre, cur. by Chloé Curci, Galerie POC, Marseille
2017 – Garder Le Cap, Galerie Valérie Delaunay, Paris
2016 – Pleins feux, open studios in Ivry-sur-Seine
2015 – Beyond 1.1, cur. by Mitra Khorasheh & Bethsabée Attali, Tanja Grunert Gallery, New York 2015 – Personal Notes for a Public Poem, cur. by Sofia Eliza Bouratsis, Studio YBDD, Berlin
2014 – You Are The Artist. Vol. II, Direktorenhaus, Berlin
2012 – Things Fall Apart, ECC Berlin Weissensee
2011 – Les Yeux Grands Ouverts, Le 104, Paris